Alexa + David

David had the choice to go anywhere in the United States. He was ready to move, ready for a new adventure, but he never imagined that new adventure would be a blue-eyed girl that would steal his heart. 

Thousands of cities, towns, and jobs were and option for David, but he ended up in Louisville, Kentucky, right where Alexa was. They instantly fell in love with one another, goofiness and all. Today, David and Alexa are traveling the United States, finding new adventures, places, and growing their love hand-in-hand. 

David and Alexa, thank you. Thank you for being the goofy and fun-loving couple that you are and for not being afraid to show it! I enjoyed every second of our own adventure as we made our way through Saugatuck together. Safe travels on the remainder of your trip(s). I cannot wait to capture you vow your love this October in Traverse City! - CDP