Alyssa + Eric

During her time at Grand Valley State University,  Alyssa found herself surrounded by new faces, but only one of them really caught her eye.  She found herself starring across the room at a charming upperclassman quite often. Through some research on social media and encouragement from her friends, Alyssa pursued her new interest only to find out Eric was already spoken for. Disappointed, Alyssa soon realized she would have to let this classroom crush go. 

Just one year later, Alyssa received a surprising message from Eric. As they played catch up with some small talk, they both quickly realized that their attractiveness to one another was mutual. The two shared their interests, goals, and dreams with one another, and soon after they began dating. Their relationship blossomed throughout college, and soon left Eric knowing Alyssa was the one for him.  They share a fun, sincere, and goofy love that is immediately felt as soon as you’re in their midst. 

The overcast afternoon we shared together was brought to life by their electric personalities.  I have no doubt that their wedding will be nothing short of a fun time. Thank you Eric and Alyssa for welcoming me into your love story.