Kenny + Becky

The day before their wedding it rained, and it rained hard. The sun was no where to be found and the forecast had no change in sight for their wedding day. But just as Becky began to put on her make up, the sun broke through, the clouds cleared, and the rest of the day was sunny and bright, just like their love. 

Becky and Kenny go way back. They met in high school and have carried on their high school love ever since. Back then, they bonded over late-night dates to the movies where Kenny had to make sure he had her home early, to avoid getting in trouble with Becky's dad.  Soon, they became best friends. Twelve years later, they’re still best friends, soul mates, and parents to their handsome son, Kanyon.

Just like their wedding day, Kenny and Becky are resilient. Kenny's cool demeanor and Becky's loving energy is a perfect balance that brings out the best in one another. Not only was their wedding day a celebration to unite two people as one, it was a special moment for their family as well. 

Kenny and Becky, I send you nothing but well-wishes as you begin your journey as one. It was a joy capturing special day. -CDP