Cara + Brandon 

You can see it in their eyes; this isn’t just “another love". With Brandon and Cara, it is something that is recognizable within seconds of meeting them. They flirt, they laugh, but most of all, they love each other with everything they have. Brandon can make Cara smile at the drop of a hat. And Cara? She can keep Brandon’s attention like no other. The two have formed a foundation based on love that is an inspiration to all who witness, and one that I am thrilled to document.

This love has blossomed into a wonderful family that is a joy to photograph. Together, Cara and Brandon spend their days taking care of their new daughter, Leighton, and son Dom.  As the days pass, their love grows, as does their life together. 

With a winter wedding planned this December, their dream house being built, and two of the most adorable kids - these two have it all. And pretty soon, they will have each other.. forever.