Christina + Nick

It was easy for him to talk about her; his words rolling off his lips with such ease. Nick couldn't hold back sharing the respect, love, and appreciation for his fiancé, Christina. Besides being beautiful and kind, Nick described the role she played in his life. It could've been Christina’s infectious laugh, or her cooking skills, but the thing Nick remembers most was her willingness to give him advice. She was the one he could always count on.

A couple years ago, the two met for the first time at a charity event put on through their work. They instantly connected and spent much of their time together offering advice and sharing stories. It didn’t take long for the two to simultaneously fall for one another. In just a few months of walking through the door of her job, Christina walked straight into Nick’s heart. Their honesty drew them together from day one, and they have remained each others' strongest supporters ever since. 

It's always an honor to document love, but there's something incredibly special about what Nick and Christina share. We spent the afternoon together amongst Grand Rapids parks, filled with snow, sharing their beautiful story; with a few laughs along the way.