Elizabeth + Garett

They met through a mutual love they both shared, a love for horses. Garett was working on Elizabeth's horses and was left smitten by her stunning smile and vibrant personality. Though he was left in awe of his future bride, neither of them acted on their emotions; Garett simply went on his way, and Elizabeth hers.

It took three years for the two to reunite. After being reacquainted, Garett pursued his feelings and asked Elizabeth out on a date, multiple dates that is. Elizabeth stood her ground for quite some time until one  glorious evening she finally agreed. Whether or not she said yes to Garett or yes to a meal is still up for debate. However, one date turned into several, and something about Garett stole Elizabeth's heart. They've been together ever since, and are creating the perfect life together, along with their two beautiful dogs and horses.

Garett and Elizabeth are planning their wedding next year in Ithaca, Michigan. I am so honored and excited to be a part of their special day.