Matt + Emery

When you find a love like this, you hold on tight and never let go. 

When laughter comes easily and bad times seem to pass in a flash, you hold on tight and never let go.

When all of life’s moments seem new again and you never get sick of holding their hand, you hold on tight and never let go.

And when God is at the center of your relationship and you know he gave you one another for a reason, you hold on tight and never let go.

Matt and Emery fell in love with one another just how God intended them to; quickly, fiercely, and wholeheartedly. But before Emery fell deeply in love with her future husband, she became best friends with his little sister. Little did she know her newfound friendship would soon blossom into a future sister. 

After months of Matt’s sister trying to convince the two to meet, her persistence finally paid off.  Matt finally came over to meet the girl his sister had told him so much about. From then on, they both knew they had felt something they never had before.  

Fast-forward to today, Matt and Emery have built a beautiful life together. They have a precious puppy, a new home on the horizon, and will be vowing to hold on to one another for the rest of their lives, and never let go.

Sending my happiest of wishes to the two of you, Matt and Emery. I hope your life together is a whirlwind of love, laughter, and many accomplishments achieved hand in hand. The way you two love one another is magical to watch and I cannot wait to see you become one next July!