Matt + Emery

"When you find a love like this, you hold on tight and never let go."

It's the type of love that is recognizable from a distance; the kind you feel when you're in the same room as them. Matt and Emery share a love that is felt by all who are near, and their wedding day was no exception.

With such ease, they are able to make one another smile, laugh, and dance like no one is watching. On this day, however, all eyes were on them; yet their eyes remained on each other. 

On one of the hottest of July days, Matt and Emery not only soaked up the sun, but the love and affection from their friends and family. Matt and Emery, your day was just as perfect as the two of you are together. May your life always be filled with as much love and laughter as there was on your wedding day. Best wishes on your journey together! -CDP