Justin + Julie

They had known each other for several years. In fact, Justin often looked out for Julie like an older brother would; always giving her a hard time when she brought other boys around. It wasn't until Justin encountered a serious accident that allowed him to see Julie in a new light. Lying in a hospital bed, he began to continuously ask her to go out on a date with him.

How could she say no? This poor man was lying helplessly, wanting only one thing... her. 

To this day, Julie remains to be that one and only thing Justin wants. And for Julie, it's him. This undeniable love was on display as they vowed to one another in front of family and friends on a beautiful May afternoon. 

Thank you to the beautiful bride and handsome groom for the stories shared, laughs given, and memories made. Your wedding was a delightful blend of fun, love, and romance. Best wishes on your journey together. -CDP