Kayla + Kristy

Kristy loves the Detroit Tigers. Kayla, a Lions fanatic. And together? Together, they make the perfect combination of dedicated sports fans, best friends, and soulmates. Luckily, Kayla stumbled upon her future bride a little over a year ago. After only a week of talking back and forth, they couldn't wait to meet one another in person. Their first encounter was just as perfect as they had imagined and left these two forever hooked. 

Now, happily settled into a beautiful home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kristy and Kayla spend their days working on their home, loving their fur-babies, and of course, cheering on their ever-disappointing Michigan teams. Happily ever after doesn't compare to what these two have ahead of them. 

Cheers to Kristy and Kayla on their future endeavors and life together. I look forward to spending another beautiful fall day with the two of you next October, surrounded by the ones you love most.