Trent + Maycee

Their friends knew they were the perfect match, so they took destiny into their own hands to get these two to meet. It was the night before opening season, the timing was just right, and Trent and Maycee hit it off. The rest is history.

Their first date was shared with friends and instantly left Trent realizing that Maycee was the one. He made the bold decision to inform Maycee that she was his, leaving her no say in the matter, even though she wouldn't have objected to his decision anyways. 

Now 7 years later, the two high school sweethearts are still madly in love and are more than ready to vow on forever. Residing in Ithaca, Michigan, with their two German Shepherds, these two enjoy spending their time with some "friendly" competition out in the woods.

Thank you Trent and Maycee for letting me get to know both of you and your babies. I can't wait to extend the meeting to your family and friends next September!