Nate + Paige

These two.. where do I even begin? I feel like I have been friends with them forever. Nate and Paige have such an awesome energy that they both contribute to. They make you feel like a million bucks when you are with them, because when you are with them, you are family. Making their wedding day, you guessed it, perfect.

On a gorgeously overcast day in Michigan, Nate and Paige married. It was the prettiest of days full of beautiful people, joyful hearts, and pizza.. yes PIZZA! What more could you ask for? Details that matched their personalities filled the beautiful Cheney Place in downtown Grand Rapids. Laughter spilled from the mouths of their guests like a torn bag of rice. And the romantic day quickly slipped into a night no one will ever forget.

Nate and Paige, I would say best of wishes, but you don’t need it. Your love is pure and nothing could ever come between the bond you two share. But what I will say is, Nate, best of wishes to you and Chad on your business venture, you may need it. But Paige and I will be behind you two the whole way, wine-sipping and all.