Nate + Paige

When Nate and Paige met, they quickly fell for one another; and fell hard. Completely, wholeheartedly, and so deeply in love...  in the third grade.

From third grade crushes to teenage lovebirds, the two dated on and off over the course of several years, never losing their connection. As time passed, they found themselves living in the same location, allowing them to rekindle their love. From that point on, they have never looked back.

It’s easy to see that these two still carry on that third grade romance in the best ways possible. They laugh and giggle together, yet deeply care for one another like no one else matters.  A love like this is inspiring, and isn't something that comes around often. It is a love one can only dream of; a love that these two have found. 

Since the first day I met the two of you, we have connected. Maybe it was our mutual obsession for dogs or the insane amount of texts Nate let me send as I prepared to photograph a mutual friends proposal. Either way, the two of you rock, and I have a feeling your September 2016 wedding is going to be absolutely AMAZING.