Ross + Shauna

Shauna couldn’t hold in her laughter as Ross explained to me how hard he had to work to convince her to go out with him. They were acquaintances for some time, often finding themselves running into one another through her sister. Ross continuously made overt efforts to persuade her time and time again, yet she looked the other way. He was, and always would be, just an acquaintance.

His patient perseverance and keen sense of humor eventually paid off. Shauna agreed to pursue this (persuasive) man and came to realize it was the best decision of her life. Their dates turned into love and their loved turned into the sweetest proposal imaginable accompanied by Zoey (their dog) asking Shauna, “Mom, will you marry Dad?” Of course she answered ~ YES! 

They now find themselves watching sports together (Michigan State, naturally), spoiling Zoey, and of course, planning their 2016 wedding that I eagerly look forward to being apart of!