Theresa + Erick

Theresa and Erick were destined to meet by the time they started high school. They attended the same classes, shared similar friends, and eventually developed a mutual affection for one another.  By the time their senior year rolled around, their friendship blossomed into a love that neither of them could ignore.

As time passed, the two created a foundation based on mutual respect, attentiveness, and laughter. Their love is one to admire, to say the least.

Creating a day that was truly special, Erick and Theresa held their ceremony at Atwater in the Park, a once old catholic church that was beautifully reconstructed into a brewery. Bright eyed and wide-smiled, Theresa made her way down the old wood floors of Atwater to her best friend. Family and friends watched as they effortlessly spoke words of love to one another that made up their vows.

Here’s to you, Theresa and Erick, and your future life together. I have no doubt that with the love and support I witnessed on your wedding day, your lives together will be nothing less than perfect.