Ross + Shauna

The smell of rain filled the air as the sounds of raindrops began hitting the roof. Everyone buzzed around the country club, not exactly sure what the weather had in store for Shauna and Ross's big day.

Just as the ceremony approached, rained turned into thunder and thunder turned into a tornado warning. Friends and family gathered in the basement, hoping and praying that this would all pass over. And just like every storm.. it did, and the ceremony began as planned.

Ross awaited his bride as friends and family watched anxiously. He took a deep breath as Shauna made her entrance; her father by her side. Everyone stood, eyes swelled, and emotions ran high as Shauna's dad gave her away. The two vowed their love for everyone to see, and a day that brought brief moments of nervous tension quickly turned into a day that will forever be a perfect memory.

Ross and Shauna, just as your friends and family said, "If rain on your wedding day is good luck, then you two will have the best luck imaginable." Thank you for inviting me into your lives, and your love. I wish you the best as you make way through Italy, hand in hand. -CDP