Tori + Gerrit

They met on a farm. Gerrit’s parents farm to be exact. Tori, there for work, never knew that her boss was also going to one day be the man she would marry. Gerrit’s eyes were set on this gorgeous girl. Life as they knew it, was forever changed. 

Gerrit’s proposal to Tori is one that would come from a story book. He knew that Tori was special, and with that, curated the most romantic proposal; something he admitted to not be his forte, though it came naturally with Tori. He spent time planning out the exact details with one of his best friends, so everything would be documented. And just like their relationship up to that point, everything seemed to simply fall into place. As the two strolled along a strategically planned path through a nearby park, hand-in-hand, Gerrit got down on one knee and asked Tori to be his wife. And of course, Tori said yes.

Now it is my pleasure to capture Tori and Gerrit as they wed next June. They will have a beautiful home to move into to start their new lives together; and hopefully, a new dog (Gerrit?) Tori and Gerrit, I cannot express enough how much I am looking forward to photographing you two on your wedding day, and even more, seeing what this world has in store for you both. -CDP